How to safely give online using Google Pay:

Please note: There are no fees at all using this method, every single dollar given is received. If you do not have a Gmail account you will be prompted to create one during the process.  (A Gmail account is an email address ending with These accounts are totally free to create and keep.)

If you are using a desktop or laptop:

1.     Go to

2.     Click Add a Payment Method

3.     Enter your debit card information (we discourage the use of credit cards because they are charged interest)

4.     Type where it asks for name, email or phone #

5.     Click Send


If you are using an iPhone or Android phone:

1.     Download and Install the Google Pay app if it isn’t already on your phone

2.     Set up your debit card on the app

3.     Choose Send

4.     Choose +Send or Request

5.     Enter

6.     Enter the amount and hit send